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March 2015 – N’awlins

Have you ever been to New Orleans? In 2003-2004, Eric and I lived in Diamondhead, Mississippi which is a hop-skip-and-jump from New Orleans. We visited a few times and I’ll be honest, I was unimpressed. It just seemed like such a dirty, run down city and I remember coming home from a visit there earlier […]

Hello 2016

So much has changed in the last few years; where do we begin? Well, to be brief, we came home from Florida in 2014. We spent a month in New Orleans in Spring of 2015. Hunter passed away shortly after we got back. A month later we welcomed a new bundle of energy to our […]

Long Time No Write (or What We’ve Been Up To)

Hello from the disappearing, reappearing couple. No we did not fall off the face of the planet in 2013, only the blogosphere. (Enjoying the River Walk in Bradenton, Fl. Amazing waterfront park with lots to do and seriously comfy seating.) And since this is our online journal, we have lots to catch up on. But […]

We’re In

About Eric and Alice

We're a 30-something couple telecommuting as we travel the US in our RV. Along for the ride is our dog, two cats, and two fish. We're living the dream and expanding our horizons.

Trip Journal

We Just Went Out for a Bagel, I Swear!

This is starting to become a habit. We go out for a morning bagel and end up in a different town. Or as in today’s case, a different state! Gorgeous, yes? This is The Ocean House. Actually, it’s Ocean House 2. The original was torn down in 2005 and rebuilt. She sits hill top in […]

What A Day

We slept in till eight this morning and it was glorious. After a weekend filled with fun activities and so many belly laughs I lost count, we’ll admit that we’re a little sleep deprived. But that’s a price we willingly pay for excellent company (and extra belly laughs. Heartlanders – Salami. See, you laughed again, […]

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